Who are we? Interkultur exchange student


Who are we?

Interkultur student exchange is the online brand of the groupe Inbound España S.L. Which can look back on more than 17 years of student exchange programs and language stays on the Iberian Peninsula from exchange students from all over the world.

Our goal is to promote the Spanish language and intercultural understanding through our programs.

Interkultur was founded specifically for exchange students and was the first organization that allowed interested parties to register online.

What characterizes us?

Interkultur student exchange is not a large organization, which works with hundreds of students abroad each year. On the contrary, the phrase "small, but fine" applies to us. We are actually a bit unusual because we are specialized in Spain and the Spanish language and work in Spain ourselves.

We work without an intermediary or partner. The advantage is a direct and therefore better contact between organization, families and students. Placement and communication on the ground is simplified. Our work is more efficient and our prices are cheaper.

Our greatest strength: the proximity.

  • Short communication paths: Parents have direct communication with us in Spain
  • Direct connection: Our team knows all students personally and is always in touch with them. Your needs and wishes are therefore very well known to us.
  • Personal support:dedicated spokespersons who support our students and host families directly on site.
  • Selected host families with intercultural interest
  • Quick problem solving: We always act in the sense of our students, so for us, for example, host family changes or visits by relatives or friends are no taboo.
  • Maximum use of the stay: ports activities and travel are explicitly promoted or co-organized, so that our students use the time the best.

These characteristics distinguish us from all other organizations and make us particularly efficient.

We, the employees, who founded and still lead the programs, form a team that complements itself excellently. We originally came from companies in the culture and travel industry and have accumulated extensive work experience. In addition, there are many years of experience abroad as part of student exchanges and / or studies. Our awareness of the cultural differences combined with our passion for learning foreign languages ​​guarantee a flexible, understanding and successful care, before and after.


Ismael Nieto
Program Manager

Program manager and contact person for german speakers. He will help you with any question.

Ismael is a native Barcelonese and world traveler. He has lived in Germany for more than 10 years. During and after his studies, he collected extensive experience for his current job as an interviewer for high school programs at GIJK and AIFS Germany. Since his return to Spain 10 years ago he works with Inbound España S.L.

The questions and concerns of the pupils and parents are very well known to him, and thanks to his long stay in Germany and the many journeys, he has excellent knowledge of the cultural and social characteristics that distinguish Spain from German-speaking countries.


Carson Bohlmann
Program Manager - Interkultur-Global

Program manager and contact person for any questions before, during and after the stay.

Carson is a US native and has been living in Spain since 2006. He experienced the High School Program in Spain in 2004 and it changed his life! Afterwards he did his university studies at the University of Barcelona.

Additionally, he has done multiple stays in other countries like France, Germany and Brazil. Carson loves working with students and fully understands their questions and how to best support them during their own personalized programs.