Bilingual Programs Spanish & English / Spanish & French


Two countries and / or two languages ​​in one exchange year. How does that sound? Our combined program for those students who want to train MORE THAN A LANGUAGE in their exchange year.

Billingual schools

Exchange year in Spain in a bilingual school

Our guests will always be part of a Spanish host family during their stay. They take part in their everyday life and routines.

The school visit, on the other hand, takes place in an international or bilingual school. Each student can choose a school based on his / her priorities or desired language, or leave us the choice. This allows the participants to learn and improve Spanish as well as another language such as English, German or French during student exchange.

Kombi program

Exchange year in two countries

Our students visit two countries during their year abroad. They take 5 months in Spain and 5 months in another country of their choice (Canada, France, Germany/Austria, Ireland or USA).

They experience two different cultures, school systems and languages. As with conventional student exchange programs, the students live with a host family and attend a local school. As a result, they gain experience abroad and improve their language skills in two foreign languages.

The services and prices depend on the program and duration of the program.
If you are interested, please contact us. We will inform you in detail.