Student exchange and host families

Our Spanish host families

Interkultur has a wide network of Spanish host families throughout Spain.

Our host families are normal Spanish families, who host a young person / teenager as an exchange student or schoolchild at home.

The host family thus gives the exchange student the opportunity to experience a foreign culture within the framework of a family life and to learn a foreign language or to improve his existing language skills. In everyday life, the exchange student acquaints himself with the new cultural and linguistic reality and familiarizes himself with it over time.

The exchange student introduces his / her own cultural and linguistic background into family life. The host family is given the opportunity to communicate with other habits and new insights. This is the cultural and linguistic exchange between the students and families.


Support for exchange students and host family

To ensure a successful stay, both for the host family and exchange students, we have certain rules and procedures. Our on-site tutors support the host family and exchange students through the regular contact during the entire stay. They serve as a bridge between you and offer help and advice. Students and families can also rely on the support of our main office in Barcelona. Our team is 24 student accessible during the day and in English.

The tasks of our host families

The exchange student is another family member and shares with the family equal rights and obligations. The guest family should meet the exchange students with understanding, affection and care. Our host families have their own house rules and living habits.

Important decisions and adherence to the program rules are of course determined by our supervisors and the central office in Barcelona. We attach great importance to the family atmosphere in dealing with the exchange students as well as to the promotion of cultural and linguistic exchange.

  • Host an exchange student at home
  • Have a single or double room.
  • Preparation of the meals, which take place in the house and in the course of everyday life.
  • Understanding, affection and care in dealing with the exchange-student
  • The host family is not obliged to pay private expenses (telephone, cosmetics, etc.), as well as all school or transport costs.

Do you have any questions about our host families?

We will provide you with detailed advice and information.