Our programs in Spain

Our student exchange programs offer a longer stay in Spain, which differs significantly from usual short language trips due to the family and school connection.


School Year

10 months in Spain is the ideal stay. The students become Spanish in all respects. The integration is absolute.

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Semester (5 Months)

20 weeks in Spain are perfect. Our students get to know culture and country. In the end they speak fluent Spanish!

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Trimester (3 Months)

12 weeks in Spain is a long time. You practice Spanish in all all situations and learn about the country and the people.

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Short Stay

8 weeks stay are more than enough. Program for students who are unable to participate in a longer exchange.

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Our student exchange programs offer a longer stay in Spain, which differs significantly from short school-stay stays due to the family and school connection.

During their stay in Spain, our exchange students will be part of a Spanish host family and thus are a normal Spanish student.

Our exchange students take part in the everyday life of the family and the Spanish culture, and learn and improve their Spanish. Preparation, host family, school and support by local supervisors or the hotline are the basic principles of our program.


Before the students go to the host family, they fly to Barcelona to attend an Orientation.

Host Family

All students live during their program with screened Spanish host families.


All our students are enrolled in Spanish public schools. For private schools, on request.


All students have a supervisor in the immediate vicinity, as well as a 24h hotline.


In the course of the year, we offer different group trips to get to know other regions of Spain.


In order to promote language competence and the social environment, the students should be able to continue their favorite sport/hobby.

Our students are welcome to choose a region, where they would like to spend their program. This makes the program much more individual and personal.

The student has to choose during the enrollment process 2 regions for the stay.

In case the student needs a VISA he will have to go to a private school in order to guarantee that the visa arrives on time.

We offer only regions where a supervisor of InterKultur is active on the ground.