FAQ about exchange programs

You apply first online (Apply now). We will get in touch with the applicant immediately.
We recommend that you apply as early as possible, taking into consideration our deadlines.
  • Sex: female or male
  • ge between 14 and 19 years
  • Healthy physical condition
  • Language skills: desired, but not assumed
  • Applicant should be motivated, adaptable and ready to learn! ;-)
No. Spanish is not a requirement. You do not need to have Spanish in the school. However, we strongly recommend you to take a language course before departure. The more Spanish beforehand, the easier things will be for you.
During the application phase, the applicant should inform us that he/she would like to apply for a specific program in Spain.

If you’re an EU citizen planning to study in Spain, you do not need to a visa.
If you come from outside of Europe, you will need to apply for a student visa. This only applies to longer periods of international study; if you’re participating in a shorter exchange, last three months or less, a tourist or visitor visa may sufficent.

Upon receipt of the application, we will create an application confirmation and send it by email. The application confirmation is also the invoice for the program.

The program fee includes accommodation with a host family, your enrollment in a publich school, orientation before and during your program, visa support and assistance, and 24 hour emergency assistance should anything come up while you’re on program.

You’ll need to take care of your visa and passport fees, your round trip international airfare, medical insurance and spending money while you’re in Spain. Most students spend between $100-$250 per month.

For more details, please check Fees & Terms

The payment is made after receipt of the invoice (confirmation of application). All important information is contained in the letter.
Yes. You can choose during the enrollment process 2 regions for your stay.
All students are placed in Spanish host families, which are screened and accept to host the student as another member of their family. Host families ask that the student be interactive and social. In host family accommodation, all meals are included that are eaten in the host home.
Some host families choose very quickly, while others need a bit more time. Sometimes this also depends on the region. It can take up to 8 weeks.
Yes. At the beginning of the stay, we organize an orientation course. The orientation always takes place in Barcelona.
Yes. Our local coordinators are responsible for the search for the guest family and school. They also support the students and the host families throughout their stay. InterKultur places exchange students but ONLY where a local coordinator is on site.
If conflicts arise between the host family and the exchange student that cannot be resolved, the host family may change. This is not a TABU for InterKultur. Sometimes there are no similarities or the chemistry is not at all present. In such situations, and before the situation escalates, a family change is carried out.
Apart from the program price only the pocket money, school books (and uniform for private schools), local transportation and telephone costs come. Prices and services.
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