Exchange and Coordinators in Spain

On-site support

InterKultur has tutors in all regions where our exchange students live.

The task of the supervisor begins before the arrival of the pupils. They visit schools and interview the interested host families in their respective regions. Our local representatives must ensure that the necessary conditions for the perfect course of the stay are guaranteed.

The work also consists of supporting the host families and exchange students during the stay. They work closely with host families, students and schools.

Permanent support and help are always guaranteed. It provides for problems and, if necessary, during difficult conflicts. Our extensive network of local representatives allows us to work with host families and schools across Spain and to ensure the needs of the students and their parents.


Our supervisors always work close together:

  • Search, interview and selection of host families
  • Information and advice of the host families before arrival of the students
  • Schools: search and enrollment at schools
  • Information and advice of the host families before arrival of the students
  • Permanent contact with the students and with the host families
  • Advice and mediation in case of conflicts
  • Reporting on the development of students during the stay
  • Accompanying and assisting with any doctor's or dentist's appointments

Do you have questions about our supervisors?

We will provide you with detailed advice and information.