Orientation in Barcelona


Before the students go to their places of residence, an orientation with all our students takes place in Barcelona.

Orientation weekend

3-day Orientation in Barcelona

The seminar is intended as an entrance and orientation aid for the stay. It is primarily about overcoming the first cultural differences and getting to know other exchange students, as well as InterKultur and our team. The program includes sightseeing in the Barcelona area, leisure activities and a seminar.

The weekend is very informative, intense and purposeful. Talks, lots of information and videos from former exchange students will prepare the new students for their stay. It examines typical and characteristic characteristics of the country and shows the differences between Spanish, US, German and other cultures.

The aim is to help young people adapt to a new mentality, culture, language and way of life. Our students take part in activities and have some spare time to look around the youth hostel.

Gereral information


Topics of the orientation: the course of the stay, the geographical and linguistic characteristics of Spain, the everyday life of a Spanish family, communication paths, school system and experience reports.


Go to Tibidado, visit to the city, including the old town of Barcelona, ​​Sagrada Familia Cathedral and Montjuïc Mountain.


The hostel, Pere Tarrés, is the private accommodation of the Foundation with the same name (www.peretarres.org). It is located in the business district of Barcelona, ​​near the stadium of FC Barcelona.

Albergue Pere Tarres: Calle Numancia 149 - 151, 08029 Barcelona,
tel. +34 93 410 23 09, fax. + 34 93 32104 16, email: alberg@peretarres.