3 Months is Spain In Autumn, Spring and Summer.


School year 2017-2018 and 2018-2019

3 months exchange students Spain can get a great taste of the Spanish Experience. In 12 weeks you can practice a lot of Spanish and get to know the country and the people pretty well.

The principle concept of the trimester is the same as that of the semester and the school year program. Over the weeks and months you will be part of your own family and thereby participate in their everyday life and routines. The fact that you can get to know the Spanish culture at a personal level is very important to us!

It is also a whole trimester in which you will go to school. The visit to the school will become just as common to you as to other Spanish students, who will eventually become your classmates / friends. Homework and examinations are a must as well!

The best way to improve your Spanish is living in Spain!


In Barcelona at the beginning of your stay.


On-site support and a hotline.

Host family

Are selected, screened and with an interest in hosting.


Is public and close to the place of residence..

The exchange students:
  • Experienced country and culture thoroughly and at close range.
  • Experience the Spanish everyday life.
  • A family member of your Spanish host family!
  • Spanish school grades and testimonies!
  • Widen vocabulary and polish pronunciation.
  • Travel through Spain and make many new friends!
  • and much more!
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12 weeks

Program dates

  • Spring term 2017-2018

    27.01.2018 - 26.04.2018

  • Summer term 2017-2018

    26.03.2018 - 25.06.2018

  • Fall term 2018-2019

    07.09.2018 - 05.12.2018

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